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The Proposal

It's been a little over a week since I went from "girlfriend" to "fiancé" and it still feels surreal and I'm enjoying every single moment. I've dreamt of this day all my life, never really knowing who, when, or where. One thing I know for sure, I am grateful and elated that it was Carter. He did such an amazing job from designing my ring to fabricating the whole proposal.

It all started on August 20th, 2020, a regular Thursday. Just kidding, it was a busy ass Thursday, we both had work and we planned to leave for Vegas that evening after my nail appointment. Well, Carter being Carter, wanted to squeeze in a visit to Sunset Cliffs to get some drone footage for this "Goodbye San Diego" video he was putting together for us as a memento of our time here. I had to be supportive cause Lord knows how supportive he's been in all my extra-ness, haha. Queue my annoyance, Carter didn't tell me he wanted to get all dressed up for this little shoot until after I left my apartment that morning. I only intended to wear leggings and a tank top since we would be driving for 5 hours after the shoot. Luckily, the thoughtful and sneaky guy that he is, he called my cousin, who was staying at my place, to grab the dress that I like. My day went on as usual without the slightest bit of a clue what was to come. Work had been busy so I didn't get a chance for a decent lunch and I headed out to my nail appointment starving. Carter was sweet enough to bring me a shrimp burrito and loop my nail lady in that he was proposing to me later that evening and to get my out ASAP.

Looking back, it made sense why I felt like she was so rushed, haha. She was in on it the whole entire time! Anyways, I get my nails done and head out to meet Carter, his friend, & my cousin at Sunset Cliffs. I was annoyed & hungry; hangry. Carter, knowing that I was on my last nerve was the sweetest thing handing my dress so I can change in the car and freshen up a bit before the shots. So we're walking and they're directing me on what to do and the whole time under my breath I was telling Carter I wasn't in a good mood and to get this sh*t done already. Little did I know as they directed me to look out into the sunset and follow the drone with my eyes would I find Carter kneeling on one knee.

In between ugly cries and laughing, I managed to say yes! Funny thing is, I didn't have my glasses or any contacts on so I couldn't see the ring. It was just a shiny blur but from what I could make out it was beautiful & I was right. Carter was teary-eyed but he will try to claim he wasn't but that's one thing I'm sure of, haha. At that point, I couldn't be hangry anymore! Pure joy swept over me and I was ready to hit the road to see my best friends and celebrate.

Ugh, I'm still swooning over this day as I write this. He listened and delivered everything so effortlessly. I couldn't be more proud & amazed on how much time, effort, and thought went into this perfect day. I am honestly so in love with this man and I cannot wait to call him my husband!


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