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Strawberry Fields Forever

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Talk about a berry, sweet date! I've driven passed this strawberry field a billion times since I moved to Oceanside and Carter happened to be the one to initiate our date here. The Carlsbad Strawberry Company I would say is a North County gem. I've never gone strawberry picking before so this was something new and exciting to do that fell within social distancing measures. The best part was that it was so close to home. Masks were required for entry & worn of course but briefly removed for impromptu photos. It was a little busier than we expected the day we went but everyone kept their distance and since the field was so vastly large it was easy for everyone to get their hands on some delicious strawberries and stay 6 ft apart.

I brought my cute little basket that I found in a vintage shop back in the Bay but unfortunately we weren't allowed to bring it in. Entry is $10 with a small bucket & any additional tickets are $5. You can pack as many strawberries into your bucket as you can as long as it's not overly full. Tip: wear shoes/sandals you don't mind getting dirty because it is dusty and muddy in certain parts of the field! The best time to go would be during the week of course. Weekends tend to be a lot busier as expected! Also, prior to us going we looked up some fun recipes to make with the strawberries we picked. The winner was strawberry shortcake muffins! They were so good! A biscuit like texture, nice and buttery, & the fresh strawberries added the perfect amount of sweetness. Unfortunately, they were devoured before a photo was taken but take my word those muffins are so addicting you can't eat just one. Best served warm and with a cup of coffee or tea! At least that's how I like to eat them, haha.

If you ever find yourself in Carlsbad, this strawberry field is a must do! And when you do, share some of your yummy, strawberry recipes. Enjoy!

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