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Looking for a cute brunch spot in the Bay that combines flavor and flare? Well, I've found the spot for you. Son and Garden by Farmhouse provides you with all the cuteness for that perfect IG photo op and satiates the palate. One thing I've learned with these cute brunch spots is that sometimes they miss the mark on their menus. Fortunately, for my husband and myself Son and Garden delivered a flavorful menu that will have us coming back for more.

This little brunch spot is decked out with floral arrangements strung along the ceiling giving you all the Bridgerton vibes you could dream of with a designated flower wall inviting you all for that perfect photo. Not only is this place pretty but they're efficient AF. From the moment we were seated, we were greeted & our orders were taken. We stepped away to check out the floral wall and before we were done taking photos our food was served.

The hubby ordered the Morning Beef Stew which was a short rib stew over some creamy mashed potatoes with garlic, portobello mushrooms, green onions topped with a poached egg, and washed it down with their bloody mary. I had their Loco Moco; a grilled 8oz. Wagyu beef pattie over white rice, onions, mushrooms, cherry pepper, white cheddar, fried egg, pineapple salsa, and mushroom gravy. The libation of choice was their Cloud 9 cocktail which was a fruity delight topped with cotton candy & edible butterflies. Everything we ordered was so good! The short rib stew was tender and flavorful full and their Loco Moco was the best I've ever had. I have a pretty decent appetite but their Loco Moco was so filling.

I am definitely looking forward to visiting again when we're back in the Bay and hopefully trying out their other location in Menlo Park. Yes, they have 2 locations in the Bay Area! They offer tea parties & such which would be the cutest thing to celebrate birthdays, engagements, or any occasion honestly. Shit, go & celebrate you just cause you can! Anyways, Bon appetite & enjoy this beauty for all its brunch and beauty!

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