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They say put your money where your mouth is & that's exactly what Carter and I did. We've been trying to figure out ways to support the #BLM movement since we haven't been able to keep up with when and where protests are being held here in San Diego. So what better way than to support local Black Owned businesses & restaurants! I proposed for our "Date Night In" each week to pick and try a different local Black Owned restaurant to show our support against racial injustice and empower the Black community. And this is when we were blessed with Felix's BBQ with Soul! If the photos above don't make you hungry then I don't know what to tell you. Everything we ordered was so good & the large portions lasted us for lunch & dinner the following day!

Carter ordered the brisket plate with candied yams & collard greens for his sides. As for me, being indecisive I couldn't pick one thing to order because everything sounded so good! Lucky for me, Felix has a sampler platter where you can select 4 meats & 4 sides to try. I picked the brisket, BBQ chicken, their baby back ribs, & their St. Lois ribs. As for my sides I chose the mac n cheese (DUH), mashed potatoes, collard greens (cause you need your veggies of course!), & red beans and rice. They also threw in some of their cornbread muffins in there! Can't have BBQ without cornbread! They have combo platters which most were priced the same as the sampler platter but only came with a selection of 2 meats & 2 sides. With the sampler platter I felt like I got more bang for my buck and I was able to try a lot more items off the menu.

Their portions for one person is quite generous so we weren't able to finish it all in one sitting. I did make sure to try at least one piece of the meats I ordered. The baby back ribs were super tender & literally fell of the bone, well seasoned & cooked to perfection. The BBQ sauce that was used wasn't overpowering or too much which I liked. The brisket was tender & so yummy! Especially if you dip it in some hot sauce it will make you feel things in your soul! The BBQ chicken was also really good, it was juicy, nicely seasoned, and just beautiful! Haha Lastly, the St. Lois ribs...they were good but probably my least favorite of the meats that I selected. It was a little bit tougher on the outside but once you got past that part it was tender and the meat came off the bone. I'm not sure if that is the style of BBQ it's supposed to be but I wasn't much of a fan. The flavor was still good I just didn't like having to work so hard to bite through my food (haha). I'm lazy okay! I like to swiftly inhale my food, haha Next the sides, my faves were the red beans & rice, collards greens, and mac n cheese! The mashed potatoes weren't all that I felt like it lacked flavor & they were quite grainy. The collard greens were really good, I've had really salty collard greens before but Felix's were cooked nicely. They weren't soggy and still had a good crunch from the greens.

Felix's BBQ With Soul is located in Oceanside, Ca and definitely worth trying. They're currently only doing take-out orders right now but we hope to dine-in with them sometime in the future. I recommend ordering some food today and picnic at Oceanside Beach while the sunsets! Romantic AF, ENJOY!

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