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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! & by us, I'm referring to myself and my baby blog. I’m embracing my 30's the best way I know how by growing through all of what life, the Universe, has to throw at me. My 30th year was rough yet beautiful in its own way. I lost my dad, some friends along the way, a boyfriend, my youth, & my ability to move without my joints cracking... You'd think the theme of my 30th year was heartache & the start of arthritis but quite honestly it was faith & growth. Despite everything that 2019 had thrown at me, I had SO much to be grateful for. I graduated nursing school, turned 30, became a licensed RN, landed a job as a Hospice RN Case Manager, moved to the city of my dreams (SAN DIEGO), experienced a plot twist of a lifetime, & the list goes on...

I am blessed & grateful to see another year and what better way to commemorate my 31st year of life than to drop this blog like it's hot. To see 31 & somewhat still be sane is a blessing in itself. I have been talking about this blog and planning for it for quite sometime and here it is, my newest venture. So indulge with me a little or a lot, let's live our best lives together. Like the great Marilyn Monroe once said, "Well behaved women rarely make history", and my friends I was born to raise hell. I am a RIOt...see what I did there (insert sly emoji here & LOL ). Let's be real, we're not here for a long time so we might as well have a good time! So here's to 31, the wildest year yet!

outfit details:

leather jacket: H&M

leopard slip dress: BLOOM Bressi Ranch

necklace: custom etsy gift


sunglasses: QUAY Jezabell

party hat: Party Flvors

hair kudos: Studio K, LAS VEGAS.

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